A lawsuit has begun today in France over the plane crash that occurred 13 years ago. The Airbus A310 on its way from Yemen to Comoros crashed into the Indian Ocean shortly before landing. Everyone on board was killed except Bahia Bakari, a 12-year-old French girl. She is sometimes called a miracle girl. Her testimony continues to appeal to her imagination.

It was Baia Bakari’s first flight trip. In the summer of 2009, she flew from Paris to Comoro with her mother, attending her wedding and visiting her family.

She herself was unaware of the anomaly during the flight. “There was a lot of confusion, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone,” she said last year. French tv† “I was told that I was going to land, so I wore my seatbelt and got up. There were no signs of an accident.”

There were three debris in front of me and I grabbed the biggest one.

The next moment she remembers, she is underwater. At night, I don’t wear a life jacket. “There were three pieces in front of me and I grabbed the biggest one. I wanted to lie down, but I couldn’t.” She heard the women around her asking for help. rice field.

“I was tired and fell asleep for a while. I was confused when I woke up. I thought I had landed safely except me. I panicked because I thought my mother was waiting at the airport. I wondered if .. I had to keep clinging to see her again. “

For about 10 hours, Bakari was floating in the Indian Ocean. She was finally helped by a fisherman. She said, “Until I arrived at the hospital and asked where her mother was, they were the only ones I found.”

Bahia Bakari in the hospital after the plane crash.

Wrong decision

All the other 152 people on board were killed. Many French were on board the Yemeni plane. France has begun investigating the disaster. It turns out that many things went wrong. At that time, a storm broke out in the area and the crew responded incorrectly. The alarm bell rang in the cockpit, but again the wrong decision was made.

Thirteen years later, the airline Yemenia Airlines is now being tried in Paris for unintentional manslaughter. Dozens of relatives of the victims have filed civil suits. The defense says no one on the airline is there because of the civil war in Yemen. The airline has denied the allegations. She will be fined € 225,000. This process takes 4 weeks.

Miraculous girl

Bahia Bakari escaped from the crash relatively unscathed and earned the nickname Miracle Girl. She had a broken collarbone and some abrasions. She chose not to follow up with her psychologist, but she wrote down her story in her book.

I flew. It’s unlikely that it will happen to me again.

“My dad helped me a lot in the reconstruction,” she says. The loss of her mother is still heavy. “There are still highs and lows,” she says of her state of mind.

In the meantime, she got a diploma and a job. She tries to prevent her crash from defining her life. “I’ve flown before. It’s unlikely that it will happen to me again. It made me stronger. I can see things better. When I was frustrated, I It often got worse. “

Source: vrt


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