McDonald’s, an American fast food chain, wants to sell all 850 Russian restaurants. In early March, McDonald’s temporarily closed all restaurants after Russia invaded Ukraine. Pointing out the humanitarian crisis caused by the war, the company said that continuing its business in Russia was “no longer tolerable” and “contradictory to McDonald’s values.” About 62,000 people work in chains in Russia.

CEO Chris Kempczinski reports that all 850 McDonald’s restaurants will be sold. According to him, it has become impossible to maintain a restaurant. In early March, McDonald’s announced that it would temporarily close all restaurants after Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, the chain has promised to continue to pay all 62,000 employees in Russia. If it depends on McDonald’s, those workers will be hired by local Russian buyers. For example, McDonald’s wants employees to receive wages until the sale ends. Potential buyers have not yet been nominated.

According to Kempchinsky, leaving Russia is a difficult decision. “We have an obligation to the global community and we must continue to adhere to our values,” he said in a statement. “Our commitment to values ​​means that Ark (see the McDonald’s logo) can no longer shine there.” It’s not an easy financial choice either. The company expects sales to decrease by $ 1.2 billion to $ 1.4 billion by leaving Russia.

Negotiations for the sale are underway, but the chain wants to remove all logos from the streets of Russia as soon as possible. All McDonald’s trademarks, including Big Mac, are retained.

Great symbolic value

This sale of McDonald’s has more symbolic value, but McDonald’s is not the first company to leave Russia since the war in Ukraine. McDonald’s was the first Western company to open a branch in Russia in 1990 and was part of the communist Soviet Union at the time. For hours, thousands of people were waiting for the first McDonald’s burger in Moscow.Since then, McDonald’s has become a symbol of Americans Lifestyle And capitalism. After 32 years, the symbol will disappear forever.

Source: vrt


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