Two Belgian Air Force F16s intercepted a civilian cargo plane over the Netherlands tonight. The reason was the threat of a bomb that later turned out to be false. That’s what Liège Airport spokesman Christian Delcourt says.

Two F-16s took off at the request of Dutch air combat control. They intercepted cargo planes in Dutch airspace and escorted them to Liege, usually the final destination of the aircraft, the Pentagon reports in a press release.

It was an airline Air China Cargo aircraft. The Boeing 777 had a bomb threat, which turned out to be wrong, says a Liege Airport spokesman. After 8 pm, the aircraft landed in Liege without any problems. Several airport hangars had been cleared before landing.

An airport spokesman says the airline itself reported following rumors of a threat to other Chinese planes on social media. “Federal authorities are conducting a more thorough investigation of the aircraft,” Defense said. The F’16 flew faster than the Dutch sound, and as a result you may have heard a dull bang.

Source: vrt


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