US President Joe Biden withdrew the 1950 law of war called the “Defense Production Act” last night. This special measure can increase milk powder production and accelerate imports. The shortage of infant formula is due to the fact that after the deaths of two babies, production had to be stopped in a large factory.

Only empty shelves in American supermarkets where regular baby food should be. This is because the Michigan factory, where most baby food is manufactured, can no longer produce anything. The company was forced to retrieve the product after four babies became ill and two died, probably due to a bacterial infection.

The lack of infant formula is causing problems in the United States. For weeks, millions of American families have been desperately looking for infant formula to feed their children. Children with certain milk allergies were also admitted to the hospital because they were unable to get adequate nutrition.

Last night, President Joe Biden withdrew a special “Defense Production Act” law, putting pressure on the US government to resolve it.

Law of war

The Defense Production Act is a law of war of 1950 that allows the President of the United States to intervene in the private sector for national security. The law was used to require businesses to increase production of medical devices and mouse masks during the Corona crisis. Now he is re-invoking the law to prioritize baby food manufacturers when supplying raw materials and parts. In this way, the factory can increase production.

However, Biden wants to speed up imports from Europe, for example, and skip powdered milk, apart from its own production. The President of the United States wants to do that by air. “The Pentagon uses contracts with private cargo airlines to ship products from overseas factories that meet US safety standards,” Whitehouse said.

For example, baby food should be placed early on the shelves of American supermarkets.

Source: vrt


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