Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been nominated as the country’s new prime minister. It was announced by the King. This will put an end to political uncertainty. Impressive: The 75-year-old politician spent almost a decade in prison for corruption and homosexual conduct. In the country’s general elections, no party managed to secure a majority in parliament.

Finally, Anwar Ibrahim must have thought when he was appointed prime minister today. For years and decades, opposition leaders have tried to become Malaysia’s prime minister. He came very close on many occasions, including when he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the 1990s. Ibrahim is a controversial figure in Malaysia, to say the least. He spent nearly a decade in prison on charges of corruption and sodomy (homosexuality is a crime in Malaysia).

In 2015, the opposition leader was convicted of sodomy by the Supreme Court. He was sentenced to five years in prison a year ago for allegedly having sex with a male employee, but has appealed.

Therefore, according to Ibrahim, the statement was politically motivated to silence him. Only one witness accused him of rape. After his prison sentence, he was not allowed to hold public office for five years until he received a royal pardon in 2018 and was released from prison.

It was the King who announced that Anwar Ibrahim would become Malaysia’s new Prime Minister. In doing so, he put an end to the political uncertainty the country faced. The successor to the current prime minister, Ismail Sabri Yacoub, has long been unknown. In the end, no party won a majority of seats in parliament. Ibrahim’s progressive coalition, with his 92 seats, far outstripped Muhyiddin’s conservative coalition, which won 73 seats.

Source: vrt


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