It’s not clear about Sporta’s interview with two Belgian supporters at the World Cup stadium in Qatar. A source interrupted the conversation because a fan was wearing a #OneLove T-shirt. According to one of the men, this happened because filming is prohibited at the stadium. According to him, his shirt was fine.

Belgium’s Olivier Smets and Jonathan Verschelen wore #OneLove t-shirts at the World Cup Stadium in Qatar yesterday when the Red Devils played Canada. Sporza told them about those T-shirts until authorities stopped the interview. Apparently because of the T-shirt, they asked to stop filming.

The true reason for the officials’ intervention is currently unknown. VRT NWS said he was able to talk to Smets and he said it was the camera crew that was the problem, not the shirt. “There were no issues before or after the interview,” the Namur man told the editor.

“Sammy (Neilink, from Sporta edition.), but the problem was… “After all, you’re not allowed to shoot in a World Cup stadium. If it had been there, it wouldn’t have been a problem.”

The #OneLove logo has caused quite a bit of controversy in recent weeks. It symbolizes inclusivity and diversity and, in turn, a sign of support for his LGBTQIA+ community, a demographic group that is not very creditable in Qatar. On Monday, world football association FIFA made a last-minute decision to ban players’ bracelets with conscious logos.

Source: vrt


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