Boliah Ghafri, one of the country’s most famous footballers, has been arrested in Iran. Ghafri has been an outspoken critic of the Iranian government for years. He is now accused of “insulting and damaging” the national football team’s reputation and engaging in anti-state propaganda.

Voria Ghafri was arrested after training at his current club, Foolad Khuzestan. Ghafri is a 35-year-old footballer from Kurdistan, Iran. Until recently, he was the captain of Esteghar, Iran’s most famous football club, but had to leave the club in July due to repeated criticism of the government. but was not selected for the World Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar.

Ghafuri is now said to have been arrested for “insulting and tarnishing” the national team’s reputation and for engaging in propaganda against the state. posted a photo of herself in traditional Kurdish attire. It is not clear if that was the reason for his arrest.Photos are no longer displayed Instagram profileThere is a photo of Ghafri in Kurdish clothes, but it is over three years old.

In Iran, protests against the government have continued for just over two months. It all started when a 22-year-old woman was arrested by her deputy for not wearing a scarf properly. She died after her arrest. Since then, there have been regular demonstrations, especially in Kurdistan, Iran, where the woman is from, but also elsewhere in the country.

Protests are regularly suppressed by Iranian security forces. More than 300 people died in his two-month protests, according to the United Nations. The United Nations is also concerned about executions in Iran. Six protesters have already been executed, according to the United Nations. At least 14,000 demonstrators, including minors, have been arrested, according to the United Nations.

Volker Türk of the new UN Human Rights Commission has called Iran a “tyranny” because of its violence against peaceful demonstrators. “The unnecessary and disproportionate use of force must end.” Several countries within the Human Rights Council have called for a formal inquiry into the situation in Iran by independent experts.

Iran has rejected the Human Rights Council’s criticism, saying Western countries are using the organization to push their own political agenda against Iran.

The protests in Iran were followed up by the football World Cup in Qatar. The Iranian national team players tight-lipped in protest as the national anthem was played at the start of the first match. In the stands, the slogans “Women, Life, Freedom” were repeatedly seen on placards, hands and faces.

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