A French court has launched an investigation into the 2017 and 2022 presidential campaigns of Emmanuel Macron. The financial prosecutor’s office in Paris is investigating whether President Macron illegally profited from the services of American consulting firm McKinsey.

French tax authorities launched an investigation into McKinsey this spring. The French branch of an American consultancy is accused of tax evasion. No tax has been paid in France for at least 10 years, but the company says it complies with the law.

The McKinsey scandal has already caused quite a stir during the presidential campaign, as government spending on outside advice surged during President Macron’s first term. is under investigation on suspicion of Specifically, it is being investigated whether President Macron secretly received support from McKinsey during his campaign.

Election costs are limited by French law to ensure equal opportunity for candidates. But accusations of politicians hiding spending or manipulating bills to disguise the fact that they went over budget have repeatedly surfaced.

The court also wants to investigate whether McKinsey was supported by the government in entering into a consultancy agreement and whether Macron could have benefited from any consideration in return. It only responds that it has taken notice of the statement.

Source: vrt


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