The Dutch government continues to step up its fight against smoking. For example, in 10 years the sale of cigarettes will only be allowed in tobacco shops. Many other measures are also needed to keep young people from starting smoking within 20 years.

The Dutch government has already introduced stricter rules on tobacco sales. May no longer be sold in supermarkets from 2024 (See below for other than our company).

Tobacco and other smoking products may continue to be sold at gas stations and so-called convenience stores (small supermarkets in busy locations for small, quick purchases) until 2030. This will be phased out over the next two years, and from 2032 smoking products will be sold exclusively in tobacconists.

Smoke-free power generation in 2040

The Dutch government also wants to reduce the number of places where smoking is allowed, with plans being considered to make playgrounds and sports parks smoke-free from 2025. The government also wants to make cigarettes more expensive. In 2023 and he in 2024 the package will be on average 1.20 euros higher.

The ultimate goal of all this is to create a smoke-free generation by 2040. This means that young people should not start smoking after that time.

Belgium: still in supermarkets, no longer catering

The report on the Dutch plan is more or less in line with the legislation by Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek (Vooruit) that was approved by parliament yesterday.

Cigarette vending machines will soon be banned (probably in 2024) everywhere except supermarkets. Therefore, they have largely disappeared from the catering industry and are also a place regularly visited by young people at night.

Therefore, unlike the Netherlands, cigarettes will still be allowed to be sold in supermarkets. But those vending machines are said to be almost completely hidden from consumers’ eyes.

Source: vrt


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