The coalition over President Emmanuel Macron of the Liberal Party and the camp over the leftist Jean-Luc Melenchon are strangled in the French parliamentary elections. Initial predictions show that both camps will win 25-26 percent of the votes. As for the seats, the Macron camp seems to be able to maintain an absolute majority. But next week there will be a second vote, so everything is still open.

In France, they went to poll again today. Two months after Emmanuel Macron was reelected as president, the French also elect a new parliament. And like the presidential election, it takes place in two votes, today and next Sunday.

In that first vote, the ensemble around Macron was strangled with the Nupe people in the camp around the left-wing Jean-Luc Melenchon, according to the first poll. The presidential camp wins between 25.2 and 25.6 percent of the votes. This is about the same as the Left Alliance’s 25.2 to 26.1 percent.

As for the legislative seats, the first prediction is that the coalition over the Liberal Party president will clearly achieve a majority. 577 sheets need to be distributed and the ensemble gets 255-295 sheets. Therefore, even an absolute majority is possible, and Macron’s block should secure 289 seats.

Historically low turnout

The National Rally of Marine Le Pen, who lost to Macron in the presidential election, would have won 18.5 to 19.8 percent of the votes, according to the first poll. Valerie Pecresse’s Republican Party is at risk of losing its position as a major opposition group. Republicans are heading for 11.6 to 14 percent of the seats.

The key to the second round is again the turnout, which was historically low in the first round of today’s parliamentary elections. Only 47 percent of French voters would have gone to polls.

2 rounds of voting

France works with a district system in which each constituency of the parliament is represented by a seat. If a candidate wins an absolute majority in the first round, he will be elected immediately. If no one succeeds, the two candidates with the most votes and the remaining candidates with more than 12.5% ​​of the eligible population behind them will advance to the second round. The one with the most votes wins. The second round will take place next Sunday.

Source: vrt


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