The US Supreme Court has overturned New York state law restricting the carrying of weapons. Public weapons are easier here. After the recent shootings in Yuvalde and Buffalo, decisions are made, just as the debate over tightening gun control has intensified. The day before yesterday, the Senate reached an agreement to strengthen federal gun law.

In the past, New Yorkers seeking a gun license had to prove that they had a “just cause” to carry hidden weapons, such as jacket pockets or guns with jackets under their belts. In addition, it was necessary to demonstrate that there was a “specific or specific” threat.

The two men who did not get the permission they wanted in New York went to court. The state says it is almost impossible for them to get a permit.

The US Supreme Court ruled that New York state law violated the constitutional right to keep armed. The court’s ruling expands gun rights and jeopardizes similar gun control in other states.

“Americans have the right to carry firearms commonly used for their personal defense,” Judge Clarence Thomas ruled. He represents a conservative majority of the six Supreme Court judges.

Judge Clarence added that the right to arm is not a “second-class” constitutional right, but is subject to “greater restrictions than the other ten amendments to the US Constitution.” The liberal judge disagreed with the decision.

Discussion of stricter gun law

The Supreme Court’s ruling happens just as the debate over stricter gun law reignites. The recent shootings in Yuvalde and Buffalo sparked the debate. 19 children and 2 adults were killed in Yuvarde, and 10 were shot dead in the Buffalo massacre.

In addition, the US Senate just announced measures to increase access to firearms the day before yesterday.

Criticism: “Outrageous from the Supreme Court”

The Supreme Court’s decision was immediately condemned by US President Joe Biden. He said he was “extremely disappointed” with the Supreme Court’s decision. “The ruling is against both common sense and the Constitution. It should alert us all deeply.”

Biden added that the country should do more to limit the availability of firearms after the mass shootings in the United States.

Several New York officials, including New York Governor Kathy Hokul, have also criticized the decision. “It’s exorbitant for the Supreme Court to recklessly abolish the law in New York at a time when gun violence was nationally recognized,” she wrote on Twitter.

New York City Mayor Erik Adams fears that this decision will cause a “wave of gun violence.” “We work together to mitigate risk. New York cannot be transformed into the Wild West.”

Meanwhile, the powerful American gun lobby NRA was very pleased with the ruling. She calls the decision to carry weapons outdoors a “victory.” “The Supreme Court has admitted that the right to arm does not stop right in front of us,” NRA wrote on Twitter.

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