A year after his death, the body of John McAfee, a pioneer of British-American software, has not yet been buried or cremated. His body remains in the morgue in Barcelona, ​​Spain, due to disagreements over the cause of death.

John McAfee was found dead on June 23, last year, at the age of 75, in a prison cell near Barcelona. He was detained on suspicion of tax evasion and was handed over to the United States.

An autopsy revealed that the man had died of suicide, but his widow Janice Dyson disputes it. She encourages new autopsy and further investigation. The investigative judge refused, but Dyson appealed. And the case is still underway.

Meanwhile, his widow also petitioned for an “independent autopsy.” The petition has already been signed by more than 1,300 people.

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McAfee founded the well-known antivirus company McAfee in the 1980s and later rushed into cryptocurrencies. U.S. law enforcement suspected that he did not file millions of dollars because he did not file a tax return from 2014 to 2018.

According to businessmen, the claim was politically motivated because they have something to do with his political ambitions: he wanted to join the US presidential election and then work with the tax authorities. .. In October 2020 he was arrested in Barcelona.

Source: vrt


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