The United States immediately banned the sale of Juul Labs e-cigarettes. According to the US drug monitoring agency FDA, the company cannot provide sufficient evidence that e-cigarettes offer public health benefits.

Juul e-cigarettes are not only very popular in the United States, but also very controversial. “The company has played a very active role in promoting products to minors. They have been working on this for years, including social networking sites and influencers. The product is hip, cool and appealing to young people, “said Stefaan Hendrickx of the Healthy Living Institute, outlining the hype in 2019.

In addition, the nicotine content in the United States is much higher than is permitted in the EU. According to many, there is a story of a true nicotine epidemic among young people, and Juul Labs has a considerable share. Juul e-cigarettes have also been sold in our country for some time, albeit with low doses of nicotine. Delivery to Belgium resumed in 2020, more than a year after the brand was launched.

What is the difference between regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes?

When you smoke a classic cigarette, the cigarette is burned with fire, which produces smoke. This process releases hundreds of chemicals, the most important of which are nicotine and tar. In e-cigarettes, the liquid is heated and converted into vapor. For example, water boils. The user inhales vapor, not smoke. Liquids are usually composed of water, nicotine and other chemicals (to make the taste and vapor visible).

The addictive product of both cigarettes is nicotine. American e-cigarettes may contain much more nicotine than European ones. In our case, the limit is 20 mg of nicotine per ml. In the United States, there are highly addictive e-cigarettes that can easily exceed 50 mg.

From young people to the elderly

After previous issues with the US government, Juul has already coordinated his communication. In recent years, we have focused on older smokers who want to quit smoking, not young people. The FDA has confirmed whether its products are actually helping people. If so, the benefits of existing smokers outweighed the health hazards of new users and did not promote increased use among young people.

Instead, it is currently governed by US health authorities. The FDA states that with the rise of large corporations like Juul, many young people have begun to smoke. The data provided by Juul Labs for the study was incomplete and sometimes even considered inconsistent.


All products of the brand are banned in the United States and will take effect immediately. Stores that still have Juul products on the shelves should remove them.

Juul Labs said in his response that he disagrees with the conclusion and will appeal the decision.

Source: vrt


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