For the first time in decades, a majority of the US Senate voted in favor of a reformed gun law that introduces some restrictions. Sixty-five of the senators voted for the bill and 33 voted against it. The text moves to the House of Representatives. It is expected that approval will continue before summer vacation.

In recent weeks after the bloody shootings in Buffalo, New York, stricter gun control has been called for again in the United States, especially in Yuvalde, Texas, where 19 18-year-old boys with semi-automatic weapons I killed a child. Two teachers were killed.

Tightening gun control in the United States is not an easy task. Although the majority of Americans agree, the Republicans strongly adhere to the right to armed civilians, which is firmly enshrined in the Constitution. The powerful gun lobby also helps politicians directly and fund their election campaigns.

Both Democratic and Republican politicians voted on Thursday to restrict access to firearms. These restrictions, coupled with massive financial support for mental health services and investment in school safety, are often the target of shootings in the United States.

More rigorous background checks

The 80-page proposal includes a stricter legal and psychological background check for people aged 18-21 who want to buy a gun. More powerful measures will be taken against the illegal sale of weapons.

It’s been decades since the gun law was strengthened, but it’s a limited strengthening, not enough for most people. For example, President Joe Biden wanted to see a ban on semi-automatic firearms, but that hasn’t happened.

Underlying the bloodiest shootings in the United States is the use of such weapons. The sale was banned in 1994, but the law expired in 2004 and could not be renewed despite desperate efforts.

Interestingly, on the same day that the Senate passed the stricter gun law, the Supreme Court ruled that New York state law prohibiting the carrying of firearms in public places without special reason was unconstitutional. This makes it easier to carry the weapon in that condition.

The stricter gun bill still has to be submitted to the House of Representatives, but it’s only formal, as the Democratic Party is the majority. After that, only President Biden needs to sign.

Source: vrt


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