Ukrainian troops trying to defend are clearly in vain, but the city of eastern Ukraine Severodonetsk will have to withdraw. It says the governor of the Lugansk region. According to him, it no longer makes sense now that the destroyed city could almost completely fall into the hands of the Russians.

Severodonetsk, an important road junction in the Donbus region (Old industrial area in eastern Ukraine, ed.)Already earlier this month, it was separated from the rest of the country. The city was a scene of bombing and fierce fighting between Ukrainian and Russian troops for weeks.

“Now it doesn’t make sense to stay in a place that is constantly being bombed. The city has virtually turned into a ruin. All important infrastructure has been destroyed,” says Governor Lugansk. Meanwhile, he said, Ukrainian troops were virtually ordered to withdraw from the city.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian President Zelensky said the battle of Selebodnetsk “determines the fate of Donbus.” Zelensky also sought to persuade the West to send more weapons to Ukraine.

Severodonetsk now definitely seems to be in the hands of the Russians. According to the Governor of Lugansk, Ukrainian troops were able to fend off Russia’s attack on its sister city, Lysychans’k. Lisichiansk is the last city in the region that is still completely in the hands of Ukrainians.

Source: vrt


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