President Trump would have known that those who attacked Congress on January 6, 2021 were armed. Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House Trump employee, told Congressional Investigation Commission. According to her, Trump witnessed the storm and clashed with his guards who wanted to prevent it, witnesses said under an oath.

The investigative committee hastily convened the final session tonight. The reason was early behind-the-scenes testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a close companion to Mike Meadows, White House Chief of Staff under former President Donald Trump.

A woman deeply involved inside and outside Trump’s Cabinet — her office was just a few doors from the “Oval Office” or the Oval Office — she talked about her ex-boss Trump and his Chief of Staff tonight. Mark Meadows gave a very guilty testimony.

A fairly nervous woman swore that Trump’s staff knew that things could be very bad in Washington a few days before the infamous January 6 storm. A large-scale demonstration of Trump supporters was also planned on the day Congress was held to officially approve the results of the presidential election.

Hutchinson said Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor and Trump lawyer, was very excited a few days ago, telling her that January 6 was “very, very bad.” She then frightenedly spoke to her boss, Chief of Staff Meadows, but he did not respond a few days after security forces members warned of possible violence on January 6.

Trump grabbed the steering wheel of the car

The letter of recommendation has been sharpened in more detail. For example, according to Hutchinson, Trump’s lyricist wanted to remove that passage because he was considered too excited in his speech to his supporters on January 6. Trump objected, but he still shouted to the crowd, “Go to the Capitol building” and “He will go with them.”

Put my people in, they don’t want to hurt me

President Donald Trump at the time became a bodyguard

In addition, Trump was informed that a crowd of supporters at his meeting were armed with knives and guns, and other military equipment such as bulletproof vests. But it didn’t seem to bother him. For example, he suggested that the metal detector used to detect hidden weapons should be removed. According to him, this led to a delay in his meeting, and as a result, there were not enough people in the square.

Trump also didn’t want to allow his copywriter to omit some exciting passages from his speech. Trump ignored it, calling on his supporters to march to the Capitol (Parliament) and even promised to go with them. According to him, those people “did not want to hurt him,” so Trump didn’t consider the risk. He ignored warnings from security forces that some of these supporters had knives, firearms, military equipment and bulletproof vests.

According to Hutchinson, he wanted to do that, but wasn’t allowed by a secret service that had to monitor his safety. Trump was furious at the car (the “beast”), so he pushed the guards away (according to witnesses), grabbed the steering wheel, and sent the driver to Congress instead of the White House. She didn’t see it herself, but she heard it from Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Rudy Ornart, and it wasn’t denied by the dismissed guards, Hutchinson said. I did.

What she says here is very guilty, as it shows that Trump intended to further incite his supporters and perhaps take the lead to take the Capitol.

Source: vrt


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