The ground at Boris Johnson’s feet is getting very hot as two prominent ministers resign from his government. Dissatisfied with yet another scandal and the Prime Minister’s actions, they resigned. The question is whether Johnson, who has already escaped from dancing several times, can still survive. “I don’t like to make predictions, but we have the government Slow motion It’s collapsing. “

It seems to be constant for the past few months. A scandal broke out in British politics, putting Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a pinch, and then the dust settled down again. Whether it’s a Conservative member or Johnson’s own misconduct, he always seems to get over it.

“But now the ground is very hot at his feet,” says Ivan Ollevier, a VRTNWS journalist specializing in the United Kingdom. Christopher Pincher resigned as “Floor Leader” on Friday after it was revealed that he had attacked a man in a private club while he was drunk.

Today, it puts Johnson in a close position, as the Prime Minister had to admit that he had known his complaints about Pincher for some time. So far, Boris Johnson has always denied knowing it, but this morning he went through a crack, “Olevier said. “A former government official said Johnson was lying and was personally informed of the illegal activity of Pincher.”

Has Domino been fired?

According to Ollevier, the two ministers have resigned from dissatisfaction. “The first minister was Health Minister Sajid Javid. Then came Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. He was a big loss, especially for the British government, and certainly for Boris Johnson. Second, second. The best political office in the UK. ”

“Therefore, there is a panic in Downing Street at this point,” continues Olivier. The question is whether more ministers will follow. “Everyone is watching what happens. Johnson sticks to power, but as of today he has lost control of his government and his party.”

Johnson sticks to power, but as of today he has lost control of his government and his party

VRTNWS journalist Ivan Ollevier

3 options

Ollevier sees three possible options. “Johnson himself will resign, or perhaps more layoffs in his government tonight or in the coming days, or that’s the third option. Confidence.”

In any case, things don’t seem to be good for the British Prime Minister. “I was just watching the BBC (British Public Broadcasting), and the journalist said,” I went to interview him at 5 pm, and I could smell a panic. ” said.

Ollevier himself does not want to predict which of the three options it will be. “I’m not saying this is the end of Boris Johnson. I’m not going to say that. What I can say is that it will be very difficult to keep up with this. We are government witnesses. Slow motion This has been going on for weeks and is collapsing. “

The Prime Minister’s statement was due to come tonight. “It’s not clear if it’s a personal statement or a written statement, and I don’t know when it will be,” Olebier said. In other words, it will continue.

Source: vrt


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